Penerapan Strategi pembelajaran Kooperatif Modal JIGSAW Dalam meningkatkan Prestasi Belajar Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial materi Penguatan Ekonomi Maritim Pada Siswa Kelas VIII Tahun Pelajaran 2019/2020


  • Sri Yekti Utami SMP Negeri 1 Modo


Strategy, achievement, JIGSAW model


The teaching method that the teacher uses in every class meeting is not origin, but after going through selection. Because in teaching and learning activities, teaching is not just a matter of telling. learning is not an automatic consequence of contemplating information into students' minds. Learning requires students' mental involvement and work. Explanation and demonstration alone will not produce lasting learning outcomes. Which can produce lasting learning outcomes is only active learning activities.

This research is based on the problem (a) Can JIGSAW cooperative learning improve the learning achievement of the Social Sciences training? (b) What is the effect of JIGSAW's Cooperative learning strategy in increasing the motivation to study social science training?

While the objectives of this study are (a) to find out how to improve the learning achievements of the Social Sciences training after applying the JIGSAW Cooperative learning model (b) Want to know the effect of the JIGSAW Cooperative learning model in increasing the learning achievement and motivation of the Social Sciences training eyes.

 This study uses action (Action research) as many as three rounds. Each round consists of four stages, namely: design, activity and observation, reflection and revision. The target of this study is students of class VIII 2019/2020 school year The data obtained in the form of formative test results, observation sheets of teaching and learning activities. From the results of the analyst found that student achievement has increased from cycle I to II, namely, cycle I (72 %), cycle II (90 %) The conclusion of this study is that the learning method with JIGSAW model can positively influence the learning motivation of students of SMP Negeri 1 Modo Class VIII, and this learning model can be used as an alternative learning subject for Social Sciences training in Maritime Economic Strengthening material